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  • Do I really need to stage my home?
    Staging does not guarantee your home will sell, but it does increase the likelihood that it will sell faster and for more money than your local competitors. Buyers should imagine them moving in, not moving. Statistics show that staging is a proven strategy.
  • Should I put my house on the market first to see if it sells before I stage?
    This is not recommended. You never have a second chance to make a good first impression. The first few weeks of your home's presence on the market are the most important. After that, the auction becomes obsolete. You don't want to risk it because you have lower prices and additional costs. If your goal is to sell your home, staging is essential BEFORE it is brought to market for the world to see.
  • My property is vacant what should I do?
    An empty property makes the home sterile and cold. 90% of buyers cannot figure out where the furniture will be placed and how they will use the empty space. Rooms should be defined as they are. Unfurnished, empty properties lack the atmosphere that buyers crave. In addition, it also allows the buyer to think that you have already moved out and must have despaired and made a lower bid. Equipping your property with furniture, carpets, artwork and accessories gives buyers an emotional character that draws buyers into the lifestyle they can live in in your home. Home Staging Concepts has its own inventory and can provide properties of any style, size and price range.
  • Why should investment in staging?
    Did you know that 95% of staged houses are sold in 11 days or less? Can you afford them gigs? Our team has a proven track record of working with sellers, investors and builders to transform their properties into showpieces that go from production to SALE.


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