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At Creative Concepts, we enjoy working with clients that have busy schedules and would like a more beautiful cozy, pretty, organized home. No project is too big or too small each client is unique. During the consultation, Gayle’s approach is to listen and base your project on your vision. If there is no vision, she will be happy to CREATE ONE because some people just want pretty. Gayle’s belief is that personal décor should be the vision of the client, and her job is to enhance the vision in most cases. Gayle is driven to WOW her clients with her years of experience. She listens intently and brings the imaginative minds and visions one touch at a time.


Gayle is timely, precise, personable. She is very dedicated to meeting the goals and expectations of clients. She attended Houston Community College Interior Design Program as well as The Art Institute.  She works closely with contractors and assistants to make sure that the project is completed in a timely fashionable manner.

Gayle Davis


If you’re ready to organize and sell your home she’s ready to stage it, and she’ll make sure that your home will look pretty to sell faster. Most of her staged homes are not on the market very long.

It's time for your home to be organized, pretty with cohesive textures and colors that bring out your true personality!


"Creative Concepts provides honest and objective opinions, which has transformed my home into a homey and comfy space. She prides herself on creating spaces that are contemporary, modern and personalized to your personality. She has built professional relationship with variety of trusted vendors. She had the patience of JOB."

-Terrance Ellis-


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